Monday, June 25, 2012

summer solstice

Just because it's the summer solstice, you don't have to wear drum majorette shorts (girding my loins behind the camera).  Instead you could wear cute silvery jacquard shorts and a sheer Theory tuxedo shirt WITH appropriate undergarments. The idea and execution of covering all the bits and not looking like an escapee from a traveling show is just so novel to me, I had to document it. 
Also, I want to record my extreme pleasure, my great delight, in 15-some-odd (emphasis on the odd) hours of bright yellow and blue daylight and the ability to sit outside in the evening with some house red and birds and pots of flowers and dogs and balmy breezes blowing over six kinds of exposed flesh -- is this what it's like to be Angelina Jolie? Let it be known, I was over here in Minneapolis for several hours and did not hear a single gunshot.

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