Monday, June 4, 2012

jackie black

Interesting the way folks interpreted retro at this rama. By far, the most iconic item was a hat. You pop a fedora or a pillbox over anything -- skinny jeans, a Miley Cyrus strip o lycra -- and instant vintage.  Gloves were another telegraphic article, favored by the ladies.  And another surprising one, as mentioned previously, is pose.  Yes,  jackie black above is rocking the hat, gloves and a simply 47-yards-of-stunning frock (as in, I don't know how in the name of hydraulic compression one could even mash the miles of fabric in the skirt onto that little tiny waistband), but she's also doing the Tricia Nixon-I've-been-to-church-8-times-this-week stance of purity. What, do we all stand like hoes now? Let's start seeing poses.

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