Monday, June 18, 2012


Can you stinkin believe it? I asked Jesse if he was a "stylist" because I thought he might not realize he was a drag queen.  Shhhh, don't mention it.  One of us needs brain reassignment surgery, stat.

Lake Street is quite the locale for DIY hair, as evidenced by the previous post and Jesse, who was at Savers buying new hair.  String or yarn -- he braids it in. And he hand-painted the pumps and hand-rended his clothes. Handy guy.  He does drag and burlesque somewhere in Minneapolis, I think it was Oceanaire or the Woman's Club of Minneapolis. Somewhere I haven't been. I know it wasn't the Lex in St. Paul and here's how I know that -- I brought up the recent United-Health-insurance-executive pricing policy instituted by Savers in which they imagine that a Wet Seal piece of crap appreciates in value after having gone on a "date" with a sophomore from Roosevelt High School and rolled around in the dirt again at the bottom of a donation bin, thus worth $24.99 or exactly twice what it was at Knollwood Mall, and mentioned that his hair and wardrobe dollars might go further at the Goodwill on University.  Nothing doing.  Since that arrest for skipping at the Republican convention, St. Paul has seen the last of Jesse.  Word, University Club -- reaching out would do a world of good. 
P.S. This is a great big old picture but I can't get Blogger to offer a great big old frame. I'm going to have to ask you to click on the photo for full affect.

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