Friday, June 15, 2012

sunset at the Goodwill

Don't you wish you were this guy's stepfather, or father-in-law (I forget which)? Because then, after he test-drove that leather vest to see if it worked ok, you would become the proud owner of that vest. That's nice. We're outside the Goodwill in St. Paul and the sun's going down on another magical junk store day and I dig this guy's mix of plaid shirt and mauve jeans and ultra-vintage boots and he's either real patient or riveted to the ground by a mixture of a gravity surge, horror and growing realization that I had indeed escaped and the authorities were not yet looking for me. Anyway, I took about a million pictures of him because I forgot to turn on my camera the darn camera wasn't working.  Apparently he does not have pepper spray, but he does have an interesting face...
And now he has pepper spray.

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