Sunday, June 3, 2012

looking fine in Farah slacks

Oh for misleading post! Let me be poifectly clear, all these posts before, after and including this one are from Retrorama.  So, sick as these two look swathed in poly, this is not their everyday attire. I hope.
Mmmm, blue, the color of Bobbie Sherman's eyes. The shift dress with collar that reaches from here to 1962 is his mom's. Yer mom wears sandals.  But our man in the Farah slacks -- he's  in insurance, that's for damn sure -- is beyond awesome. Let's think about Farah slacks. Let's think about that fabric that was once a petroleum byproduct but instead of dumping it into a nearby wetland, some smartypants (ha) said, this sludge has the smell and feel of something I'd like to swaddle my lower half in. And if it gets creased in the mucousy birth canal of the extrusion machine, it will hold that crease throughout a three-day continuous drive across the American West in a non-airconditioned Ford Pinto while containing the 60 gallons of dope-tinged sweat excreted by someone named Vic. Yeah there's going to be a rash, but can that be attributed to the slacks or the Silver Saddle in Reno?  And speaking of packages,  these slacks are formfitting. Farah slacks never wear out. Every pair ever made is still in existence, most upcycled by the roofing industry.  Did you notice that this couple's long pointy collars are actually reaching out  and touching tips?  Poly love.

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