Monday, May 6, 2013

Winner, Best Hair and Accessories Ever Witnessed at a Goodwill

A delight, with jacket and without, to wit: her insouciant hair, and sparkly earrings, brooch and teeth. Andrea shared about caring the tiniest bit what you're putting other people's eyeballs through.  She works in accounting (not a traditionally fashion forward role) in one of those laid back offices where plaid flannel is not a nod to Marc Jacobs and zubaz are not worn ironically as part of a hi/low mashup with a Balmain jacket. Sometimes she plans her makeup first and then the ensemble based on that concept. Because it makes life worth living.  We agreed that if you're going to roll out in sweatpants, it would be nice to have some clue, like eyeliner or silk socks, that the sweatpants were a conscious choice, maybe a wink at the way sports influences the farthest reaches of our culture, rather than something that you found underneath you when you woke up on the floor of someone else's dorm room. 
As a photographic note, I used my special mozzarella cheese spotted lens for this photo and the auto-jiggle setting. 

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