Monday, May 27, 2013

bus stop

Oh lookit, the cutest legless street urchin ever.
 Dang, a miracle!  She's cured!  Actually, she's just cold but the bus was about to come. It's been a tough go for filmy dresses and bare legs this spring so I appreciate the risk she was taking here.  Let's talk about those bangs.  She said she cuts them herself,  particularly when stressed.  From this, we can assume a moderate stress level, less than mistakenly crossing into North Korea and more than Jack Johnson.  Kind of a winsome level of stress.
Right here, I need to apologize for shaking her hand with my filthy paw.  See, I was gardening, which some people do with shovels and whatnot but I do with my hands, when an urgent need for mulch presented.  No time for hygiene, I hopped into the car and this woman happened before the mulch.  Sorry for the black and crusty handshake -- it was organic.

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