Saturday, May 18, 2013

flowers n bows n international studies majors

 What's all this? A clever pattern bisecting this dress into equal parts sweet, sophisticated and perfect which so often blur together but here are clearly defined;  pretty scarves blowing about the lower leg like ankle ascots but functional;  tri-media sandals that marry filmy chiffon, earthy leather and rich-looking brushed metal in one-derfulness; frilly crocheted shoulder bag with cute floral lining that you can't see but I did.  The thing that makes this so happy-making non-MOA good is the wearer, who got the whole kit and caboodle -- hair, elbows, sandals, sunny demeanor -- in Spain.  She's going back for the summer to reboot (ha, that's a footwear joke), but will return to Macalester in the fall.  Even beyond their track for running around when no one can see how very slowly I'm going and unguarded piles of mulch, Macalester brings so much to our little neighborhood, doesn't it?  Nonetheless, we often call it MacLackluster to bring the dim light of lowbrow humor to our small dark world. And when I say we, I mean I.

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