Sunday, May 19, 2013


I know what you're going to say -- seeds?!  On May 18th? That's insane!  Due to the one hula hoop on her ear, I assumed Jill was an artist. Well that's silly.  Never jump to conclusions because, in this case, the asymmetry was unintentional, which clearly points to clothing designer.  Which is on her resume, along with her current position -- Delightfully Confident Wearer Of Her Own Skin, A Len Druskin Top, Some Kick-Ass Boots and Rocker Of Excellent Silver Hand Candy.  That's kind of an upper management position, lotta responsibility.  In her mastery of this field, she demonstrates some nuances that have eluded me, namely the difference between confident (above) and shameless (behind the camera).  Vive la difference, right?

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