Tuesday, May 7, 2013

This will be instructive. For you.

This is a furby.
 This is a girl whose mom colored her hair in some pastel shades, wearing some bits of fur and bone hanging from her waist that are a by-product of her taxidermy venture. That she learned online.  I learned how to get salt stains out of my car carpet online.  You can learn how to make a bomb online.  One thing that's hard to learn online is when to shut up.

This is a furry, a girl who expresses herself by dressing as an animal.  I may or may not have asked if she was a furby which was super embarrassing, so I'm posting this so you can learn something else online -- that I have no shame and quite a bit of free time  the difference between a furry and a furby. 

She did not use a McCall's pattern for her hat, but rather measured around her head, cut out an ear-flapped swath from acrylic plush and pimped out the pointy ears with lining and foam inside to make them stand up. The two-tone tail is nice and bushy.  I'm going to go ahead and ass-u-me that it's installed as a belt so it can be worn with any number of different pants. And culottes.

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