Saturday, April 6, 2013

Titians by dairy

How lucky is this woman to not only have TWO red-haired children (only one is represented here, and what a beauty Beatrice is) but also a lifelong pair of Frye boots?  Rhetorical question friends, but now it's time for...
1.  In the U.S., 2% - 6% of the population has red hair. I'm going to put a finer point on that and say Minnesota, with its strong northern European representation, is probably closer to 6%.
2.  Scotland leads the world in percentage of redheads with 13%. Ireland follows with 10%.
3. Being a recessive gene, both parents must carry the gene to have a redhaired child.
4. Red hair rarely turns grey -- it goes blond, then white.
5. Red hair strands are thicker than any other color.
6. Redheads require more anesthesia, and do not have universally lower pain tolerance -- they are more sensitive to thermal pain but less sensitive to electrically induced pain (I don't want to think how this data was obtained).
7. And by being uppity and calling red hair titian, I'm referring to the 16th century Italian artist who painted so many redheads, his name became associated with the hair color.

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