Monday, April 22, 2013

graphic design and wire rims

My friend and owner of My Sister's Closet in uptown, Rosemary, once wisely said of vintage clothing and vintage people -- You can only wear a look once.  Meaning bellbottoms and Qiana knit shirts should be off limits to me. Note, should.  In a better world.  The loophole I'm working is that my mom, whose style inspiration was Jane Hathaway of Beverly Hillbillies fame (a show she never saw as we Northbrook Hillbillies did not have a TV),  had a pretty tight hold on my wardrobe. Thus, by the time I was able to buy myself a pair of bellbottoms from the clearance rack,  I was out $8.99 and still hopelessly off-trend. The moral of this story is that my two wrongs make Rosemary absolutely right.

See, the woman above is on the right side of the vintage rule, playing the early 90s geometric sweater and studious wire rims off of her dewy self.  That's why she looks cute.  Instead of demented.

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