Thursday, April 25, 2013

easy rider

Freak flag flying,  fringe flowing, sweet after-market basket rigged up --  he knows time, man.  That's a Peter Fonda/Easy Rider reference young friends. This bad-ass biker got the jacket at a thrift store in Brainerd and the crack in his aviators at a rave class. 

Can we talk for a minute about thrift store leather? And by we I mean me.  I'm willing to do some pretty dirty things for under $10, but I usually draw the line at thrift store animal products because I know they represent 20 or 30 years of accumulated dead skin cells, dandruff, oils, bodily fluids and the ooze from a neck boil.  Never say never though. 
I found this butter soft and unspeakably filthy Moschino Cheap and Chic wonder at a Rockford, IL (home of Cheap Trick and other bacteria) Salvation Army for $4.99.  What would you do?  Using rubber gloves and disposable plastic forks, I dropped this thing in my dad's laundry tub with many gallons of warm water, Dove dishwashing soap and good ventilation.  I swooshed it around pretty vigorously, raked the inner collar and armpits with the plastic forks, rinsed it under the tap, squeezed gently and dried it flat on a rag.  Came out with softness intact and nastiness neutralized. I have not gotten a rash nor a boil. As far as I know.

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