Monday, April 29, 2013

Best Interpretation of Middle School Goth For Losing a Contest

Much as this is going to bum out admirers of the goth lifestyle (wait, do goths express dissatisfaction by being happy?), this soon-to-be proud owner of a Psych/Japanese double major from Macalester is only sporting this costume to comply with the stipulations of a contest.  As my blog is not one of those contest loser blogs, she felt it only fair to apprise me.  So we're making an exception here and appreciating the fact that she nailed this look down to the beat up square-toe kicks and (I hope) razor-made hole in the fishnets.  Extra points would have been awarded for incising a DIY tattoo of that stupid Obey face with a Bic pen and/or pushing a rusty safety pin through the eyelid.  Or perhaps just having pink eye. 
As a Psych major, she's going to have to explain why public gothing (and dinner) was the punishment for incorrectly predicting the Oscar winners (she was totally robbed on a technicality involving best script for a short foreign language documentary with lemmings in it).  Particularly to middle school goth enthusiasts who are not known for their happy-go-lucky demeanors.  It'll be like a senior thesis.

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