Tuesday, August 21, 2012

pretty in punk

Not 100% sure this qualifies as punk but it made a better headline. Yes my friends, this photo is about compromise for a higher cause.  She was not ready and perhaps was about to say, Get away from me sweaty crone, but I used this shot anyway for the following very good reasons: 1) it shows the asymmetry, like Batman's hot girlfriend, to better effect and, by making the dress look faded and gray instead of black, you can appreciate the draping on the clutch side,  2) you can feel the desperado toughness of a million studded boot harnesses, and 3) in the background, more substantiating evidence of beautiful flowing yards of fabric that are both flattering to the wearers and make me look better when I say Death to fake Leger!  Well, maybe not better, but less deranged. 

My smarmy needs satisfied, I will now post the photo I should have used, the one in which she looks like Kristen Stewart.  But not as repentant. 

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