Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Marcy's Glamorama

Remember Marcy from last year who brought me in off the street with a FREE ticket to Glamorama?  Of course I was expecting the same old one free ticket ($75 value) and, you won't believe this, but Marcy found me again and offered me TWO free tickets! I was stunned and am never very good at thinking on my feet so what came out as "Uhh" was meant to be "Thank you SOOOOO much Marcy! Your karma cup overfloweth! I love you and I'm already married but can you come over for Thanksgiving?  Don't worry about a thing, I'll get the turkey loaf!"  And then, in lieu of $150, I hugged her, forgetting that my back was all sweaty.  Sorry Marcy.  Long story short, I did go in after assaulting several other latecomers, but the lights were down and the usher couldn't find the right seat so I parked it in the back of the theatre/theater and never saw Marcy again. Which may be just as well because when Karmin invited all the mofos in the audience to get up and shake it, I did.  Had a little routine worked up.

The identical twins above decided to look different for once through their divergent interpretations of Glamorama's theme,  British Invasion.  One, and I'm not saying which, opted for a literal translation with artful draping and clean modernism and shining Zena body armor -- an obvious nod to Margaret Thatcher.  The other twin went subtle.  I know theirs was a carefully crafted message about the current Corgi crisis in England, but dang if they weren't a fun bunch.

Read my Brits -- she's An American (see, because of the amazing photo composition... ok, you have to click on the photo so I make a particle of sense)  But seriously, nothing says jolly good show like green eyes.  Don't worry,  the eyeliner is removable. 

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