Wednesday, August 22, 2012

locally coutured woman of the Glamazon

It's nurse Nicole!  She's back, she's big, she's beautiful and she's glamming local with a hand-painted trippy romp through the poppies by Emma Berg,,  and a stalac-tight neck party by Stephanie Lake,  I don't like to brag, but I may have had some small part in augmenting the overall pharmaceutical experience by adding a dismembered, fleshy leg and a meaty arm to the photo composition (click on the top photo).  There's an implied threat, like nurse Nicole is about to receive a roundhouse kick to the bustle.  Eight o'clock in the garden of good and evil.  You're welcome.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but I think this Emma Berg gown was hand-painted by Max Lohrbach in a style reminiscent of the exuberance of a golden retriever certain New Guinean rustics before a life-size meal.  Emma said she liked how it turned out anyway.  She reimagined the whole bustle in the front thing and was like,  Just a frickin  Oscar de la Renta minute here -- let's deconstruct the living daylights out of glamor. Let's make it flattering! I say we frame this sucker in black -- are you with me?  And the hallucinogenic garden party that's usually found on the collar and cuffs?  All full and lush  and flowing like an open bar at an afternoon wedding down the back.  Colors that change where there aren't seams? You bet.  It feels ephemeral, like a hasty sketch (see, that's the black part) done by an impetuous art student and later back at her garret, washed over with watercolors (the colored part) before she decided to go to Crete for a bullfight. I summarized that, but I'm pretty sure that was Emma's zeitgeist here.

Oh, and Stephanie Lake just decided to do something small and plain with a shitload of stalactites and ice that doesn't look very dangerous.

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