Wednesday, August 29, 2012

gigantic ode to Jean Paul Gaultier

All Jean Paul Gaultier all the time, dude's doing the enfant terrible of French couture from the top of his mohawk/meauhawk/topknot to the bottom of his platform mandals, with stops in between at nouveau tie, skull and buttondown shirt, European man bag and iconic genuine circa 1986 man-skirt.  But the terribleness didn't stop there: homme came fully loaded (ha) with phlegmy French pronunciation and a real willing sense of humor. I made him say ZhunPulGulteeay real fast over and over strictly for my amusement and because it took me a while to realize he was mispronouncing the French designer, Jeen Pawl Gall-tee-air.  Luckily, I have just been to France and was able to interpret the clearing of his throat and nasal passages.
Anyhoo, upon researching JPG and his history of naughtiness, I came across this photo
which explains why he didn't smile in the photo I took of him.  ZhunPul, you old gangsta you.  You can't hide behind a man-skirt in the Twin Towns -- let's hang out!

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