Monday, February 14, 2011

weird love

Today Valentines, I send you this expression of weird love that I scored yesterday for 99 cents at the Goodwill on University in St. Paul.  It's weird and I love it, or it's weird that I love it -- either way, I'm rocking this handmade sweater today. I see huge applications on Earth Day too.
Just the facts ma'am: it's a simple ambidexterous sweater rendered in a basic stitch but the sleeve/upper part of either the back or front (depending on how you choose to wear it) incorporates some shaggy yarn for a turf-like effect.  Why? Why an astroturf sweater? Why only one side? Was someone following a pattern for this (disturbing thought) or did they invent this on their own (even more disturbing)?  Was this part of a botanical costume? Why would someone perform this labor of love and then donate it to Goodwill? There are many mysteries and, for me, that's part of the appeal.  Another part is the reality of it -- I can wear a green and cream striped sweater that looks like it has grass growing out of it. Because it's there, because I can. This factor cannot be underestimated.  Another floral allusion just struck me -- the stripes are like rows in a farm field and the hairy part is the actively sprouting plot. Continuing down that road, this sweater is the seed of someone's imagination.  Like a rare heirloom variety, it would never have been nurtured to life in a normal retail environment -- too special, too niche. Maybe the creator meant to toss this on the compost pile but I found the little sprout and am propagating its lively green style, bringing it to streetside fruition. It grows on you, doesn't it?

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