Saturday, February 19, 2011

university of minnesota

Awesome epaulets -- Balmain, right? Wrong by a factor of 21.  Forever 21, that is. They are doing something right, both in this case and in the larger sense.

They're in the design program now, so soon, they'll be backstage instead of working the front of house as they are today. But they were working it -- the pop of bright color on the woman on the left, and her big beautiful heart pendant. Love the cutouts on the other woman's dress, a ModCloth piece. Together with the leather jacket and patterned tights -- so nice.

See the drawstring pants on  the right? They're butter-soft leather. I know this because I touched them. Naturally I asked permission first. Yup, pretty spectacular, with crazy cool knee patches and six kinds of designer edginess. She got them moments earlier at Fashion Avenue -- they're made by Yigal Azrouel who would be even hotter if his name was easier to pronounce and spell. I carelessly left off the umlauts which should go over the e in Azrouel. I'm also crazy about the white shirt that is in denial about its tailored origins and is trying to remake itself as a blouse. The transvestite of shirts. She thought she got that at the same time as the pants but obviously the pants rendered her temporarily unable to do anything but hand over the credit card. They had the same effect on me. Her friend had to scrunch down to get in the picture because she had some dominating boots on, and some leggings with suede patches on them.  I just realized they both have leather-reinforced knees so they could easily refinish a floor if the urge hit.

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