Wednesday, February 16, 2011

undercover asian

Again with the Goodwill, provenance of the biosweater of previous post. The stitching on the word Japan caught my eye but I was plunged into despair, yes it hurts bad, when I saw the 21 and thought I was played a pawn in Forever 21's tricky plot for world domination -- Rue 21, XXI, twentyone. Ecchhhh. I imagine I'm hip to their cheap imitations and take it personally when I fall for their (Charlotte) Ruses. Ha. (Saw opportunity for retail joke and could not resist). But not so fast! Blue Marlin, the maker of this bit of sartorial irony,  cut the neckline all off-kilter, put a rising sun on the 21 and sewed the sleeve and neck binding on with Frankenstein-esque stitches.  They took an American classic and twisted it and beat Forever 21 at their own game. Devious and delightful. Or maybe that's the 3 cups of coffee talking.

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