Thursday, February 3, 2011

it's come to this

It's been a long cold winter and between my own infrequent ventures out and about, and the profoundly uninspired stuff I see when I do go out, the only visually exciting stuff I've found was at one insanely fruitful trip to the Goodwill at University and Fairview in St. Paul. So I'm going to show you a few tidbits.

I admit, I was attracted to the 24K bling, but lookit, Kikit. And the cutout? Pretty sweet. Gotta say though, it's like wearing a Brillo pad. I couldn't get it off fast enough.
 Aye me leprechauns, it's mighty green. But unlike above sweater, it's a nice civilized rayon knit that fits n flatters. Kinda Chanel-esque.
Have I missed the boat? Are swing dresses over? Yes but this one has such a delightfully tropical print and that's a sheer overlay, furthering the cool cool nature of this dress. Not that we will ever need an article like this.

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