Saturday, February 19, 2011

Levi's ranch pants

Gave it away in the title there -- i got these vintage Levi's ranch pants at the My Sister's Closet in uptown yesterday. Heart them. This is when Levi's first started making pants that could not be called slacks for women. I'm channeling Elizabeth Taylor in Giant as I wear these, and while i'm not out ropin' and ridin' i am working very hard at wrangling dirt and dust in my bunkhouse. I may or may not paint on a beauty mark ala Liz. Naturally these pants are very high-waisty and have these adorable pearl snaps on the pockets, like the kind on the front of a western shirt. They're cropped and actually black (although photos kept making them look blue) and made of this cowgirl-tough cotton twill that still has plenty of wear left in it after 50 years or so of active duty.  Just as an aside, or rather an ass-side, why didn't anyone tell me that thing was so big (see profile view above)? You go around facing forward all the time... Oh anyway, are you rootin' tootin' loving pants with a 26" rise?

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