Thursday, February 3, 2011

more show n tell

 I manipulated the photo a lot so you can see the gathering at the front. I had a time figuring this dress out -- yes, the black layer is open in the front like a curtain but no worries. The inner white layer is a full frontal dress. But, hello, it does draw attention to the crotch/hips. Pass.
 1976. The prom that I didn't go to? I know, boo hoo, but I've moved on. Into this absolute dream. In colorful polyester glory that goes alllllllll the way to the floor. And the fluttery sleeves? Remember how people thought they disguised meaty upper arms?  So hippie chick. It's a trip for me and I'm not selling this one. Bonus: the nonbreathable poly from shoulders to toes is quite warm.
I've been a little sensory deprived, what with our two outside colors -- white and dirt -- and this is how it manifests. Pattern and color overload. Can't get enough. I've worn this same headache five days in a row. Would you do this?

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