Sunday, April 27, 2014

multimedia presentation

Boy, are you ever lucky I was out and about before the monsoon, because I ran into artist Anna Miller who wears sock art and leather representational earrings and and a really beautifully layered bob that she got just recently at Moxie, in St. Paul.  But here's the best part -- being an artist, she sketches her outfits and a tri-panel graphic diary on her blog:  sketchyattire.blogspot.comSee?  A pencil rendering of this very same incident.  And she pencil-shopped my eyebags!  I like art.

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Anna Miller said...

This is great! It was fun meeting you on Saturday. I'm glad I now know about your blog because it's pretty delightful. Catch you later, maybe at My Sister's Closet. I'm kind of a regular.