Saturday, April 19, 2014

here are some smokin people and a bag

Normally, when I stumble up to people who are enjoying a smoke and ask if I can disseminate their photo all over the internets,  they take one last drag and then sort of sheepishly toss the cig or hold it behind their back while tons of relaxing tobacco is wasted and I prattle on and forget to turn on the camera, almost as if I wasn't a big pain in the kiester. 
 [A true journalist, I looked up the correct spelling of kiester and discovered it's a city in Minnesota, population 501.  Also, the correct spelling is ass.]
But this guy actually took out a fresh one and lit up just for the occasion.  I like people who are unrepentant about their vices.  I like unrepentant people. There,  I said it.
Aside from smoking and wearing hats and boots and way sexy leg covering (hers are not bad either), they both dig thrift store shopping.  Which is where he got his peacoat and she got her fully tooled bag.  When I just wrote that -- fully tooled bag -- it resonated in a very personal way.  Ah well, here's to unhealthy, life-shortening blogs habits.

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