Wednesday, April 16, 2014

impressionist manscape

Between the profile view, the boater beancover (courtesy of Heimie's in downtown St. Paul) and robust facescaping (managed by Lush products), I had the Impression (a-thankyou) I'd seen this scene before.  Rendered in oils with baguette on the side.  Renoir's enthusiastic Dudes, Underdressed is not the one I had in mind but it's the best my impatient imperfect search returned.  The bon vivant at far left gives a similar vintage contemplative feel, as in, this is the way people used to wait for the next thing to happen.  The other highly retro element to our Man Of The Bus Stop is what we don't see -- a small rectangular device that he is attending with the focus of a minesweeper. Probably that's why he looks so lifelike.
The limited issue Stefan Janoski/Nike kicks keep him grounded in the present and ready to spring onto the ACTC shuttle at a moment's notice.

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