Saturday, April 5, 2014

I have a pretend camera

It's called the Internet.  
My real camera beeped in a whiny way and when I took it back to National Camera they discovered the problem.  It was one week beyond the warranty.  The lady at National Camera was real nice and sneaky and suggested we send it to the Olympus doctors with a note that said the illness happened before the warranty ended.  I hope no one from Olympus repair department is reading this.  If they feel like it  believe us, I'll get the camera back in two months. Or two years. Same diff.
I'm going to post pictures of vintage wedding dresses. As you would. The one above is very Princess Grace.  You can tell it's vintage because it doesn't look like Snooki Does The Chapel.  Brides used to believe in the sleeve...
I say, good show.

This is fine if you're the sort who goes for all that gorgeousness.  
I know this will shock the heck out of you, but at the time, I could have cared less about my gown de nuptual. I went to one store with my mom. As we walked in the door, I said,  How about that one?  I tried on two, for the sake of comparison, and chose the one whose bodice was like a bedazzled t-shirt -- short sleeves, crew neck. All that was missing was a chest pocket.  I'm pretty sure it was machine wash and dryable.  I still have it, taxidermied and hermetically sealed. It's real scary.
I can't stop. V worried about foundations. Corinthian.

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