Wednesday, January 15, 2014

the most unusual photo in the street style world

First off, it's not even my photo.  It's from The Sartorialist, so hopefully that gets me off the hook from six kinds of copyright infringement. Heh heh.  This photo checks off all Scott Schuman's usual hallmarks -- noteworthy hat, big budget bag,  menswear coopted by women, in focus and expertly cropped.  Oh, it also happened in Milan.  Italy.  So what's so flippin unusual?  Give up?  


As a member of the waist-length boob club,  I would love to blame taut-triggered, low-hanging-fruit-plucking street style bloggers... And given enough wine,  I'm sure I will.  BUT,  I know there is a trifecta of reasons this photo is so very rare.  Yes, street style bloggers, ten times out of ten, shoot young beautiful women.  Sometimes a distinguished older guy/George Clooney, but even that only happens if you happen to be outside Perkins at 5 pm. The other two legs of the trifecta are 1)  few older women step out of their fashion comfort zone (e.g. giant pink slug-like hat with a death grip on her bean) because confidence tends to shrink in direct proportion with the amount of loose skin on one's neck.  And 2) the handmaiden of #1,  older women are the most likely demographic to tell a street style blogger to get lost.  I've only been turned down a handful of times, almost all the rejections at the hands of older women who, either because they didn't understand what I wanted, or because they did, were like,  Oooooo no, that sounds nasty and so do you.  Now, get out of my business mofo.

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