Thursday, January 23, 2014

Aunt Jemima laughs at the cold

Having not seen people for about a month now,  I was on this woman like goose on bumps.  So much to love -- I'll  holler stuff out and you back me up,  ok?  I don't know why I'm channeling the talent show from the 1992 Engvist family reunion but just go with it.

yo,  Aunt Jemima head scarf that is cutely preventing her ears from falling off
endless and pretty knitty circle signifying the eternity of winter,  check it
toggled and leather buttoned black watch plaid car coat that she got for two (2) dollares
refrain is: two scheckels, zwei liebchens
and foot-ally,  mcwork boots with kilties, say: kilties, kilties

That didn't come together as well as I thought it might. 

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