Monday, January 6, 2014

stuff you can do when it's -41

  You could stand around waiting for your liquid nitrogen margarita to get nice and slushy.  OR, dressed in an A-shaped, teal-colored mountain of down (thus, Oh Christmasteal), some Sorels, a polar bear suit and a plug-in electric hat, take your Target-bought bubbles out onto the deck.  If you don't have a deck, this won't work.  Crouch way down and blow bubbles veeeerrrry gently horizontal to the deck.  Because if any wind hits them or they impact a surface at a speed faster than me on nitrous oxide, they break.  Whiles you're down there, say hello to all the wildlife that lives under the deck, pirating the wifi like anything.
There are actually four bubbles in this photo -- massive Jupiter, tiny Pluto on the crack in the boards, Earth to the left of jupiter and the broken shell of Mars to the right of Jupiter.  Anyone who thought i was going to make a crude joke about Uranus will be disappointed.  i couldn't think of one.

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