Monday, December 26, 2011

Yves goes to the Walker

Hold onto your high brows mofos because i have made an art reference, regarding her beautiful Yves blue  ensemble. Probably she was going to the Walker so as to stand next to the Yves blue exhibit and blend in seamlessly. One of these things is not like the other though -- give up? it's her Belgian booties which the tiny hamsters in my hello kitty camera have not properly colored in. they're pleated at the ankle and spectatored at the toe and chock full of not-available-here chic. 

I was at the Walker as part of a fun family activity and, surprisingly, i enjoyed the graphic arts exhibit but immediately upon leaving that comfort zone, my enjoyment plummeted as i ran into flabby sacks, i.e. nylon stockings hung from the ceiling in vaguely phallic shapes. ick. this is neither enjoyable nor art. also dolls, human hair and/or bodily fluids on a napkin pinned to a backdrop. what the holy fuck? 

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