Saturday, December 17, 2011

this is not Tavi G.

You know how you've only "met" someone by talking about them on the phone with their dad, and then the person walks into your favorite shop, My Sister's Closet, (who absolutely did not pay me to say that) just as you're being boggled by a navy Yves St. Laurent jersey with gold sparkly bits, and the tiny hamsters that spin the wheels upstairs get a little kerflempt, which is verklempt when you're really in it, because not only is it the person you were writing about only minutes ago but the person is rocking a believable school blazer + Norwegian thing that you never expected? Yeah well, that probably happens to you all the time, but not me. You know how, the harder you try not to sound like a pervy stalker, the more you seem like one? What I like to do in uncomfortable instances when I've just met an unaccompanied minor is to out with the camera.

Meet Clare who is a very fast runner and also writes for her school paper. She agreed, as you do to calm people who seem to have gone off their meds, that 850 words is not very much space, and she loves StyleRookie blogger Tavi Gevinson. People say she looks like Tavi
What do you think? The one on the left. 
But soft, puppets. That photo is minutes old. I gnashed my teeth and cursed my ineptitude with the googlenets that i could not download this recent holy-eyeliner-and-red-lipstick photo and interview with the G-train, Boy, she sure is smart. Clare/Tavi, I mean.

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