Monday, December 12, 2011

hi-lo dressing with pinned hair on the side

Hi-lo. You know, kick-ass pumps and a secretary skirt mixed with a ski parka. It's irony, people. sheesh. It's also practical when you forgot your shiny hi coat at work but, come hell or high water, you had to run out and get pre-made pizza dough. (in fact, i often go lo-lo to trader joe's because i forgot my hi clothes when i escaped from the home at work. yeah, that's right, at work). 
Don't be too awful hard on yourself if you don't look like this in the deli aisle though, because meet Anita, the new co-owner of Design Collective in uptown. Explains a lot, doesn't it? She (un)did her side-swept upkept 'do with a few strategically placed bobby pins. i tried this once. someone said, your hair's coming out. did they mean the pins were coming out, or....? well, it is thin and sort of stringy...
p.s. bonus -- i happened to document a run on the bathroom at trader joe's and i didn't black out anyone's face. that's why they call it a public bathroom.

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