Saturday, December 10, 2011

deep in anthropologie

Yes friends, we are in the remotest reaches, the sale room, of the vast new Anthropologie store in St. Paul and dressed for the expedition.  i was barely able to raise my arms i had so much on,  pressing the button with my mittened paw. the difference is, she looks cute and warm and i looked homeless and warm. i got a lot of help from the sales staff by touching stuff.
it was not, by the way, all that cold in the store. it's just that, once inside, your body becomes a handy coat tree, leaving your hands free to pick up stuff. the sweat won't soak through to the outer layer until maybe the fifth or sixth store, at which point it's time to go home. at least that's my m.o. -- i thought it was indelicate to ask if she was just going to dump the accumulated sweat out of her little furry animal boots when she got home and let em dry upside down or what.
p.s. i never imagined it would be possible to feel inadequate about the coasters in my house until i visited this shop. i didn't buy anything. i didn't steal anything either.

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Jill Anttila said...

I love you, Sarah. And the fact that you look homeless and dangerous to sales people. (Jill in Deer River where everyone dresses like that for real.)