Friday, November 18, 2011

walk this way

I was going to write, dude sewed on the patches himself because he digs florals, but then i was inhabited by Steven Tyler and wrote, Dude does not look like a lady. i can offer no explanation for this aerosmith riff other than that i too am wearing eyeliner and tight pants. Anyhoo, back in the saddle (somebody stop me), joseph's original plan for his technicolor dreamcoat was to do a matching gun patch (how much do you love a floral gun patch on which to rest your semi-automatic weapon?) on the other shoulder but asymmetry is what actually happened. 
i asked him to stand sideways, and he did. then i told him to face me, and he did. let's stretch our imaginations and think for one minute what might happen next if i was not such a sensitive caring person steven tyler. other than obedience, which i look for in a stranger, this guy is my new BFF because of his this-means-business scarf and orange cap that's doing a salute to the sun. and because he's wearing every article of clothing he owns.

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ruffhog said...

Oh, yeah. Got me eyein' my jean jacket.....