Tuesday, November 8, 2011

feather 'n leather

Look, it's the freedom tower!  psyche. don't be a rube -- it's obviously just the shackled-to-crushing-debt-and-prisoner-of-forever-21 tenement. fresh off the plane, i like to get with the 99% and take pictures from behind like a cringing vermin/smooth operator who is about to trip on some cobblestones. holy coincidences, completely by accident i took a moving shot of someone in a when-animals-attack vest just like my first utterance from the may 2011 visit, cleverly titled NYC!
if i gleaned anything from this visit to the big apple, it's BIG FURRY VESTS. they're sort of sonny & cher, a little bit savage and reproducing like rabbits. remember to wear your flea collar! the freak flag above is not fur but feathers that she accessorized with pink faux leather bun warmers. as you would. with tights and banker-bashin boots, this could be the hooker the occupy wall street movement needs. what? oh hook? hook? they need a hook? oh.

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