Friday, November 11, 2011

tribeca two-fer

Actually it was probably Soho by now, deep in The Sartorialist's 'hood. No disrespect, but you'd have to be wasted or lazy not to get an outrageously good shot here by simply staggering out to a corner and remaining vertical for a minute or two. just taking up the slack because Schuman was in Paris or spongeing at The Little Owl, i got two shots fer the price of one (see the guy in the background?). She's European which is to say, used to having her picture taken and comfortable with pattern. I caused her to miss the green light and even as we were chatting, i saw someone better that crazy triple nomened freja beha erichsen go around the corner but i was real nice and only looked out of the corner of my eye at the famous model i was missing. here's the shot i did not take.
i immediately texted everyone i knew, both of them, that i was hanging out with models on spring street. god i am hip, in my wrangler jeans.

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