Saturday, October 1, 2011

peak color

This is exactly the right ensemble for a trip to the farmer's market -- the chunky knit hat, woven leather belt, the cotton dress falled up with tights and fully secured houdini boots (the trick is the instep zipper). i'm always surprised, and impressed, by very young dressers with such an advanced and natural sense of style. she nailed color and textures and proportion, and she makes it look easy, like this was the first and only draft of today's sartorial story. not a whiff of teenage angst, and she didn't lean on jeans, a hooded sweatshirt or Uggs. amazing. uhoh, i jerked my own chain when i wrote Uggs just then so i must go on a mini-rant: one upside to climate change and a moist and irradiated world is that, while we will likely be rocking three feet due to holes in the ozone and six kinds of genetic mutation,  our many many little piggies will not be stinking up salt-stained spreading tuber-like growths. Uggs will be extinct. i feel like emptying a can of Aqua Net Super Extra CFC in my backyard just to hurry their demise. there, i said it.

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