Monday, October 10, 2011


The young one and i were on our way to the wasteland on melrose when she (being my navigator) pointed out a sale at fred segal by saying stop the car now. which i did. luckily we were at an intersection, so we left the suzuki running in the left turn lane and stumbled out. when in LA...(here i would insert a smiley face icon if i was a fucking idiot).  little red riding pants was a little scared  doubtful until i assured her we abandon suzukis running in the middle of the street in st. paul too. her shoes are jeffrey campbell but since they're friends she calls them jeff. i call them she who stands tall like pine tree until she hits (literally) uneven sidewalk.  anyhoo she was very nice and i loved her indian queen-sized scarf but the car could only idle for so long on one tank of gas so we toddled off to fred segal where i saw a pair of sweatpants for $3,427 but i didn't get them because they were 15 minutes old, thus last season's sweatpants.

in a completely separate incident, i did not have my camera with me because i was running up the sullivan fire road singing the happy wanderer (vall der ahahahahahaaaa) when i met reese witherspoon coming down the trail with a friend. she said i thought they didn't let people out of those institutions hi and i said hhhhh (i was a little winded) and she went back to jake gyllenhal or whoever and i went to the nike missile site.

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