Tuesday, October 18, 2011

a busy moment at the LACMA

I don't want to put her on a pedestal (you've been great, i'll be in the velvet room all week folks), but wearing a sheer pleated skirt that's sort of Egyptian with a rockabilly chambray midriff shirt, a ring that may or may not hatch and Rihanna (or Run Lola Run -- did you see that movie?) ruby hair and reading and balancing on a pillar seems a lot to manage, doesn't it? what i like best of all is that she's reading a book (paper! pages!) and holding a pencil (vintage!), almost as if she was going to write with it or turn the pages using the eraser.
Now it's going to seem like i've had another small stroke and when things got reconnected, i spoke french and could curl my tongue, but it's going to come together. really. i was just on my favorite food blog, the italian dish, italiandish.squarespace.com, adding a splash of german irish laziness along with the heapin helping of love and i noticed how about 357 people had made the zucchini lasagna and left comments.  more than just a very strong case against over-age drinking, think of this here blog as a recipe, an inspiration to try this at home kids. go ahead, wear sheer clothing! dye your hair to match your bell bottoms! hold a pencil! see what happens! 
cook long enough to frighten the salmonella and let me know how that goes.

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