Friday, October 14, 2011

new and improved hippie

Californians, and by that i mean women, cannot let go of the hippie aesthetic, example #413,786 above. Like all retro looks, hippie has been tweaked and tidied up, the good parts enlarged and the grotty stuff... eh. Excuse me, but i'm an eye-wear-tness to history here, harumph. Most of the improvements have come in hygiene and foundations. See above: yes, she's got a funky braid in her michele philips hair but it's recently washed. real hippies were liberated from the self-made prison of regular shampooing. the tie dye is obviously the work of bourgeois artisans rather than the vomitous renderings of someone who's sole sustenance for the past 30 hours has been the pungent exhaust of nonstop fatties. real hippies eschewed foundations, choosing to breathe from all orifices freely. and noisily. she would have bartered for the jesus sandals at a hostel in venice beach. and what kind of boyfriend is that? he's wearing shoes and apparently vertical. no, smells of disney hippie.

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