Friday, October 28, 2011

cap'n marvelous

     I don't know about you, but i like to contrast gorgeous textures
and beautiful people with a wall of raw meat, 
pink and glistening. mmmmmm. some day
i will take a photography class but 
until then, let's wonder at how mom's scarf has
about the same marbling as a brisket.
lady gaga, sit down. her hand knit irish
wool sweater with wooden buttons was
scored at a thrift store for $10. and the
plaid cap was custom distressed
by the dog. (i don't even want to think
about how jcrew would interpret
this -- they're somewhat vulnerable
when it comes to textile finishes.)
her friend made (as in, doing crazy
chopstick stuff with needles and yarn)
the young one's strawberry beannet. 
ps. i was forced into hard returns because
fucking Blogger decided to do something
janky with the margins. fucking Blogger.
fucking technology.

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