Friday, March 21, 2014

which of these really stuck out at JAX?


To the untrained eye, the differences are subtle but I had an unfair advantage in having just spent five days in north Florida.  So everyone was doing Kim-of-the-Sea but flashier.  And by the 1/2 hour.  Me-owch.  
So when I slunk into the Starbucks seating area for paying customers only and saw blue jacket and black boots and absolutely nothing that made melons spring to mind,  my eyeballs bugged out and so did my mullet, the hamster in charge started running on the wheel and, like other very simple organisms, I babbled uncontrollably.  This is my knee-jerk response to exquisite multimaterial Sandro jackets and Isabel Marant boots with anatomically correct toes. For those of you familiar with my photography skillz, I would like to say,  piss off,  she asked me to crop out her face.  This whole scenario will make a lot more sense when I tell you she tazed me she's from NYC and travels a lot for her work as queen of sales for Domaine de Canton, a French Ginger Liqueur. Which interests me almost as much as domaine de goodwill.
The moral of this story is: Keep your eyes open, your blood-alcohol level stable and your judgmentalism tuned to a super-elitist point.  Just don't run with it.

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