Tuesday, March 18, 2014

preferred flyer

You heard me -- she's wearing leather shorts. And a sparkly shirt that shines like an education in the South.  I think we know how vulnerable I am to leather sleeved jackets, but let's roll our eyeballs downward and check out her patented buckled brogues.  Now up. Now down. Now up.....
There's more bad news for air travelers -- I've decided the very best opportunities for street style photography are on the crushingly boring concourses of Terminal 49.  Travelers' main concern is comfort, thus sweatpants.  There is no other agenda. You just want to get from one place to another without crashing into the ocean and having to use your seat as a flotation device.  In this very challenging environment, the cream rises to the top very quickly.  It's laughably easy. Ha. 
Also, people are certifiably unarmed and have goshawful nuthin to do, thus playing into my horrid designs. Thus my next several posts. And weird use of thus.

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