Wednesday, March 12, 2014

it looked Greek to me

Who likes solid colors?   Raise your hand.  See, no one.  And yet, you go into any shop, Goodwill for example,  and what do you get?  Shirts,  pants,  trusses, whatnot, in which the overriding design directive was to use up the 147 shipping containers of frosting blue poly/cotton on which the buyer got a super deal.  And the tyrant very nice businessman in charge of the factory was like,  It's cheaper to just set our ten-year-olds to auto-frosting blue and let em go to town.  Strictly a manner of speaking. They never actually leave this building. 
But actual people, consumers,  like their rods and cones to skip merrily from red to pink to mauve and, whoa what's this, yellow! At crazy unpredictable intervals.  As above.  What I took to be an elaborately embroidered Greek fisherman's vest actually belonged to this woman.  She bought it at a Free People store.  So there was no Greek fisherman anywhere on the supply chain.  But I was able to get over that fact because the complicated curlycue design A) made me happy, which is all that counts and B) assured me that should she have a terrible printer cartridge accident, she could confidently head right off to the opera and no one would be the wiser.  And it works in rare instances too, where your chestal region comes in contact with coffee, chocolate or a nosebleed.  I feel like you should be able to butcher and field dress a goat and go directly to a job interview -- that's the beauty of patterns. 

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