Wednesday, March 26, 2014

boot count

I was getting up close and perverted with the riding-esque swashbuckled boots in the foreground but upon inquiry with the owner discovered I'd been once again punked by Target.  That hurts.  I start questioning the order of the universe -- how can Target sell leather boots with value-added fake spurs for $39.99 on sale?  Could the many millions they've invested in developing very realistic pleather be better spent on making the executive restrooms paperless?  How far will they go to shake my sense of self-worth? Does that mean I actually only have .5 skillz?  Paranoia and delusions of grandeur are symptoms of what mental illness?  That last is a bonus question. 

Suffice to say, this disturbing revelation soured me on the whole photo.  Until I looked at it in jazz-up-your-lame-photo mode.  And realized what we have here is a classic poorly framed Highlights For Children shot entitled How Many Boots Can You Find In This Picture?  Not being too good with numbers, this has not kept me busy and quiet for minutes.

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