Monday, November 25, 2013

whoa, check out those paddles

 Does something seem stiff, contrived about this photo?  Well thank you, it's not just me then.  Little things like,  A. No one likes art unless there's likker involved, or maybe cheese.  Why are they at the Mpls Institute of Art then?   B. Their hair has not been slept in and neither have their clothes. That makes me suspicious.   C.  Does it look like someone told them to stand over there and act like you know each other? What kind of hideous crone would do such a thing, all the while pretending to have a real camera?

I really like that shitzu she's carrying on the right and those tiers of joy on the left, and I could about pee my pants every time I lay eyes on their boots -- heels of the brutalist school and cuffs of the pirate school respectively.  Wendy, left, laid a square piece of heavy card stock on me that is the exact size and shape of a condom package, which happens to me a lot, so of course I put it in my wallet and went right home.  After several glasses of wine,  I retrieved it and to my great delight, found that it was in fact a business card.  We were so excited! exquisite paper products. Their motto is Safe Stationery.

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