Friday, November 22, 2013

going back in time

Even aside from the enormous magnetic nostalgic draw of this puffed and plaided blouse,  I'm puzzled as to how she could manage to not look like a Home Economics major?  I would have said it couldn't be done -- the little house on the prairie collar, the four food groups puffed sleeves, teamed up with school uniform navy pants?  I mean, this gal has gone deep into what I know to be very hostile -- deadly even--  style territory, liberated the hostages and has returned triumphant.  And somehow, sassy.  She is my hero.   
But a wise caveat lest you're I'm tempted to relive my glory days as a Sunday school teacher (the parallel rise of religious extremism is purely coincidental)  -- style is a one-way street.  You can never go back,  regardless of how mad hawt you I looked in your Boundary Waters red and black oversized sweater.  Ever forward my friends,  inexorably,  bravely staggering forward, blazing new trails of eye-watering impropriety.

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