Saturday, November 23, 2013

using the old bean

This woman is so smart her brains are oozing out at the top.  Wait... that's her hair.  And the winner in the Ruin Knitwear That Is Both Beautiful and Versatile With Grotesque Imagery category.  A-thankyou, you've been too kind. 
Moving on... first off,  she dreamed up this design herself. It's a real honest-to-goodness fabrication.  Weird becuz...  Then,  instead of handing her initial sketches off to nine-year-olds in Mumbai, she busted out the sticks and executed this skillful fisherman sweater pattern with her own digits.  Let's visualize -- formless ball of yarn,  then we speed up the film and it appears she's winding strings of yarn around a wire,  a miracle occurs, and wala! she's walking around at the Institute of Art with a cool vented hat that didn't exist before.  Nothing, something.  Pretty big transition.  The yarn is in counseling.                

your thoughts here
Ok, that's enough.  Let's look at the features of this article.  By opening or tying the top vent closed, one can maintain optimal operational temperature.  One can liberate one's ponytail or fro or otherwise expansive hair.  Or, if one's neck is like,  Heads heads, 80% of body heat, blah blah. What about us?  Our veins and stringy stuff are clacking together -- if that happens, one can pull the whole thing down as a cozy windpipe warmer.  And don't even get me started on the turban-y swagger. This is a one-off but she's thinking about selling them.  I'm gonna write the marketing materials. Prob'ly.
She buttoned the grey sweater vest in back because she felt like it.

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